Youth Corridor Strategy

Dr. Imber considers the Youth Corridor to be that period of life when you feel and look your youthful and beautiful best. Dr. Imber’s anti-aging philosophy offers a path to extend your personal Youth Corridor.

Initially introduced in the best-selling book “The Youth Corridor”, Dr. Imber’s strategy is broken down into three phases PREVENTION, MAINTENANCE and CORRECTION – a complete program to help prevent damage to skin, maintain skin’s health and youthful appearance, and correct signs of aging.


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His recently launched skincare line, Youth Corridor, was developed according to his strategy offering key treatment products to use at-home, like his signature Ultimate Antioxidant C Boost Serum and RetinUltimate Transforming Gel.

Now, Dr. Imber introduces another element to his philosophy at the Youth Corridor Clinic.

Youth Corridor Clinic

The Youth Corridor Clinic embodies Dr. Imber’s revolutionary anti-aging strategy, affording the opportunity to meet with Dr. Imber and have access to his method and programs. He and his staff are available at The Clinic to be your expert guides to timeless beauty.

Initially, Dr. Imber will meet with each patient one-on-one to discuss and recommend a customized anti-aging treatment strategy, outlining services needed now and in the future to help maintain a youthful and beautiful appearance. Applying the Youth Corridor philosophy in a medical environment allows Dr. Imber to treat your skin professionally and proactively, providing you with an immediate and five-year anti-aging plan of action.

The Clinic offers a variety of exclusive treatments and modalities in order to meet the needs of each individual patient, helping them achieve the results they
are looking to see.