Summer Skincare

Summer is right around the corner and while it may be one of the most enjoyable seasons, it is also a time of year when environmental factors, like the sun, easily damage skin. Besides causing skin cancer, exposure to the sun is the primary accelerator of the breakdown of collagen and elastic fiber, causing loosening and wrinkling of the skin.

To help you prep for the season, below is my list of top 5 skincare musts for summer that you need to start thinking about NOW before the official start of summer.

1. SPF

Sun protection products with an SPF of 30 are extremely effective, and have the added benefit of often being more amenable to elegant compounding, and therefore a more pleasant product. The important thing is applying sunscreen liberally twenty minutes before exposure, replenishing it regularly.

2. Vitamin C Serum

The active form of Vitamin C, L-Ascorbic Acid, has been shown to have both a remarkable sun protective ability and the ability to reverse sun damage. I encourage our patients to use our Ultimate Antioxidant C Boost Serum every morning, before SPF, for added protection from the sun. Our formula contains Vitamin C, E and melatonin providing a more powerful antioxidant combination.

3. Location

Sunny climates and high altitudes require more protective efforts daily than the bleak north at sea level. Bottom line, the more exposure the more frequently you need to continue to add more sunscreen to your regimen.

4. Accessorize Effectively

ALWAYS wear a wide-brimmed hat to add an additional barrier between your skin and the sun. Sun glasses also protect your eyelids and surrounding eye area from sun exposure.

5. Morning Routine

If you are planning for a day at the beach, on the boat, golf course, etc., apply your SPF to entire body before you get dressed. This is a fool proof way of protecting your skin from head-to-toe.