Eye woman eyebrow eyes lashes. Studio shot.

The first signs of aging usually begin in your late 20s early 30s, around the eye area, sometimes as squint lines near eyes or fine lines under eyes. While aging is largely genetic, the skin around eyes is the thinnest causing the cells to break down first.

As you know, I firmly believe in preventative anti-aging treatments. Identifying your concerns earlier on in the aging process can help benefit the way your skin ages, and can help maintain a version of your youthful self throughout adult years.

An easy solution to treat signs of aging around eyes combines the ND:Yag Laser, to stimulate collagen growth within skin, and injecting droplets of Botox into squint lines near eyes. This combination proactively regenerates skin cells, while Botox freezes the muscle to prevent squint lines from deepening. The series of laser treatments and amount of Botox depends on each individual needs.

Combine these professional treatments with the right eye cream, use a formula that includes peptides and antioxidants, and lifestyle changes, like refraining from pulling on your under-eye skin, and you could be on the right treatment path early on.

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