Dr. Gerald Imber

Based in New York City, Gerald Imber, M.D. is a world renowned plastic surgeon, anti- aging expert, and author, who has helped thousands of women maintain their healthy, youthful appearance throughout adult life. Recognized as among the 1% of plastic surgeons in the United States, Dr. Imber is known for innovative, natural-looking facial rejuvenation. He has developed and popularized less invasive procedures, and a culture of self-help that has allowed men and women alike to enjoy healthy, happy, and more attractive lives.

Dr. Imber pioneered and developed the Short Scar/Limited Incision Facelift Technique, a less invasive procedure that has become the gold standard among plastic surgeons. Having performed thousands of facelifts and eyelid procedures, Dr. Imber is recognized for his fine aesthetic and his ability to combine science and art in the pursuit of natural beauty. His philosophy of self-help and less invasive procedures performed earlier in adult life has become the mantra of modern youth maintenance.

Dr. Imber is on the staff of New York-Presbyterian Hospital, and Assistant Clinical Professor at the Weill Cornell Medical Center.

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