“This is one of the most effective exfoliating techniques and one of our most popular treatments.” 

Gerald Imber, MD

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is the gentle, manual exfoliation of the skin, intended to physically remove dead skin cells and help encourage cell turnover. The process involves scraping off the top layer of the skin with a sterile blade, similar to the process of shaving with a straight razor. This treatment leaves skin feeling smooth and is the perfect preparation for any other treatment you may receive during your appointment.

How can you benefit from this treatment?

A deep exfoliation, like dermaplaning, initiates cellular turnover which treats hyper-pigmentation and prevents the build up of dead skin cells, overall helping to maintain an even skin tone. Dermaplaning preps skin for a more effective chemical peel treatment and can enhance the benefits of any skincare product you may be using at home. 

What does Dermaplaning treat? 

It targets the following concerns:

  • Dark spots
  • Dead Skin Build Up
  • Sun Damage
  • Undereye circles

What can I expect during and after the treatment?

During your treatment, our esthetician begins with a basic cleanse. Dermaplaning feels like a light scraping and after treatment, skin will feel smooth. Downtime is limited depending on the type of treatment received post-dermaplaning. 

What else should do I need to know about dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning takes extreme skill and our estheticians are trained on this technique. It is one of our most preferred methods of maximizing a chemical peel or LASER treatment. An added bonus, vellus hairs on face are removed so skin will feel extremely smooth and as a result your makeup application may be easier.