Welcome to the Youth Corridor Clinic

“What in the world is the Youth Corridor?” The Youth Corridor is that period of adult life when you look your youthful, healthy best. I developed the Youth Corridor philosophy to provide people with an anti-aging program that can be realistic for everyone looking to help themselves maintain their youthful appearance through adult life.

You are probably wondering, how did I develop the Youth Corridor? In my busy career as a New York plastic surgeon I have performed more than fifteen-thousand surgeries, including more than 3,000 facelifts. My patients constantly ask for my help to control their facial aging and it is safe to say, I know your skin inside and out.

I have consumed myself with studying facial aging and devising effective less-invasive surgical procedures as steps to reach an overall goal. In addition to being a plastic surgeon, I am an anti-aging expert and believe using medically-based aesthetic services, the right at-home skincare products and self-help, you can continue to look yourself as you age.

The Youth Corridor Clinic takes a proactive approach to anti-aging, based on my methods and programs with myself and staff acting as your guide to achieving timeless beauty. Everyone ages differently and the solution to helping yourself age gracefully is to follow a customized treatment plan overseen by a professional that combines proper procedures and at-home skincare products. We can do it all at The Clinic and the way you age is our main priority.

In life, it is important to plan ahead for the future and treating your skin is crucial to achieving and maintaining youthful beauty.  My goal is to help you plan for the future.

Don’t waste any more time, the earlier you enter the Youth Corridor the better.

Thank you for including us on your journey.

Gerald Imber, M.D.