Everything you need to know about Microneedling with PRP

Micro-needling is the hottest anti-aging treatment of the year, and you need to know about it. You may have heard bits and pieces, and even myths about it, but microneedling isn’t gory, or scary.

MicroNeedling with PRP is a treatment performed on skin to help correct skin laxity, surface irregularities and wrinkles and provide overall rejuvenation. I recommend this treatment for most of my patients as it is extremely effective in combating every phase of the aging process.

The process of microneedling involves creating multiple, superficial wounds in the skin using a stamping device. These wounds seal in minutes and stimulate the growth of new collagen, which is the main building block of healthy, youthful skin. Each of these multiple wounds is like a pinprick, and vary in depth from 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm.

As the procedure evolved, a number of skin nutrient additives were painted on the skin before and after needling, including vitamin C and vitamin E.  But, the biggest leap forward was the addition of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to the regimen. PRP is the naturally occurring blood substance containing growth factors which promotes cell growth and tissue repair. Combining Microneedling with PRP to drive these growth factors into the skin is a treatment I completely believe in, and one that we perform frequently, and with great success, at my office.

PRP is derived from your own blood. During your appointment, a registered nurse will draw blood in order to separate the concentrated blood cells. Once the cells are separated and discarded, the PRP, which has a golden hue (not red), is painted onto the skin before micro-needling to help introduce the growth factors into the skin, maximizing collagen growth and tissue repair.

Micro-needling with PRP is performed by physicians, nurses, and trained estheticians under medical supervision. Downtime is different for each patient, but you can expect to look like you have a slight sunburn post appointment. Positive results are usually visible in two weeks. The process is usually repeated three times for maximal results. I have found it excellent for overall skin tone and appearance, and particularly effective for stubborn areas like lines in the upper lip and around the mouth.

 We are also introducing actual PRP injections which is an extremely promising technique that topic we will discuss in the future.

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The beginning of a New Year usually includes setting goals; many have to do with self improvement. From starting a new nutrition or fitness plan, taking more time for yourself, or disconnecting from social media to be more present, there is one constant theme: HOW CAN YOU BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF.

We believe looking good is related to feeling good. Everyone has skincare concerns, all different, but many may affect the way a person feels about themselves and their day-to-day life. For example, deep forehead wrinkles might make you self conscious about showing expression, or you may opt for turtle-necks to hide lax neck skin. Whatever it is, this feeling can chip away at your confidence and can be all-consuming, preventing you from being the best you in every part of your life. In the case that you are setting goals for the New Year, your skincare needs to be considered to help you maximize your full potential.

Stay away from “New Year, New You” and focus on “New Year, Best You.” Our plans are developed around your primary skin concerns and how we can help you age gracefully. We are not looking to over-fill your face, sell you on a new skincare trend or physically change the way you look.  Bottom line, we want you to look in the mirror and smile when you see your beautiful self.

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The first signs of aging usually begin in your late 20s early 30s, around the eye area, sometimes as squint lines near eyes or fine lines under eyes. While aging is largely genetic, the skin around eyes is the thinnest causing the cells to break down first.

As you know, I firmly believe in preventative anti-aging treatments. Identifying your concerns earlier on in the aging process can help benefit the way your skin ages, and can help maintain a version of your youthful self throughout adult years.

An easy solution to treat signs of aging around eyes combines the ND:Yag Laser, to stimulate collagen growth within skin, and injecting droplets of Botox into squint lines near eyes. This combination proactively regenerates skin cells, while Botox freezes the muscle to prevent squint lines from deepening. The series of laser treatments and amount of Botox depends on each individual needs.

Combine these professional treatments with the right eye cream, use a formula that includes peptides and antioxidants, and lifestyle changes, like refraining from pulling on your under-eye skin, and you could be on the right treatment path early on.

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Imagine a chemical peel without days of flaking skin? Yes, it sounds like a miracle but our No Peel Peel defies many assumptions related to chemical peels.

The chemical peel you may be familiar with probably requires some downtime, includes skin flaking and irritation. While these side effects result from intense chemical peels, they DO NOT occur with our No Peel Peel.  Our unique formula delivers results similar to an intense peel, without the downtime or side effects. Genius.

Let’s talk about what a chemical peel is and how it works. Peels use a chemical solution, like glycolic acid, to deeply exfoliate your skin in order to regenerate skin cells. It is a key component to my Youth Corridor Anti-Aging Treatment Plan and helps to improve acne scars, skin tone and texture, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce the effects of sun damage.

The No Peel Peel is ideal for anyone looking to boost skin’s appearance or jump start their skincare routine. It also complements other professional skin rejuvenating treatments like IPL, is great for my surgical patients to consider for maintenance, and can enhance the benefits of at-home products.

Remember, I am here to be your guide helping you achieve results, similar to a fitness trainer, and getting there may not always be pleasurable.

While this treatment should not hurt, you can expect to experience a slight tingling which is the activity of the peel. The peel is left on skin for 5-10 minutes and our esthetician will be with you every step of the way to ensure skin is responding properly. Once the treatment is complete, our esthetician will apply SPF for protection. If you choose, you can apply makeup post-treatment.

I recommend my patients receive a No Peel Peel once a month consistently for three months.

Interested in the Youth Corridor Clinic No Peel Peel? Email or call, 646-449-8000 to schedule your appointment at The Clinic today.

Again, it is important to consult a medical expert about your treatment options to ensure they are right for you.



Even as summer ends, we are still exposed to damaging sunlight.  No matter how you try to protect your skin from UVA/UVB rays, it’s virtually impossible to completely avoid sun damage. It’s August and you need to start thinking about ways to get skin back into shape post-summer.

The effects of the sun on skin include breakdown of collagen and elastin, causing wrinkles and skin laxity, and increased melanin production which causes dark spots to appear on the skin. These issues are both part of the normal aging process, and sun exposure accelerates it. It is important that you understand this so you can understand the treatment options.

Each person has different concerns so please schedule a consult with myself or our esthetician at the Youth Corridor Clinic to determine the right treatment plan to help you. Here is my list of top 5 at-home and professional post-summer skin treatments and tips that are important for you to know and consider.

1. IPL

Intense Pulse Laser, sometimes referred to as the Photofacial, uses light to help clear dark spots, uneven skin tone and more. When treating sun damage, IPL targets the areas of concern, breaking apart the spot, initiating collagen production and skin cell renewal, ultimately clearing the area. Our experienced laser technician will recommend the number of treatments each individual needs.

2. No Peel Peel

Dead skin cells tend to build up during the summer, leaving you with a dull looking complexion. I highly suggest our No Peel Peel every 3 weeks. This concentrated glycolic acid peel has skin enhancing benefits, is highly potent and intensely exfoliates skin. It is the perfect way to jump start the skin renewal process, delivering bright glowing skin with no downtime.

3. Use a Vitamin C Serum

You must use a Vitamin C Serum daily, made of the active form of vitamin, called L-Ascorbic acid.. This helps reverse sun damage, visually firms skin, brighten skin’s appearance and reduce the look of fine lines.

4. SPF

Continue to use SPF daily- not just in the summer. You are always exposed to sunlight and need to protect skin accordingly, especially when receiving professional treatments such as IPL or Chemical Peels. Morning use of vitamin C serum also helps protect your skin from sun damage.

5. MicroNeedling with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

If you have signs of wrinkling and skin laxity the sun can only increase the damage. MicroNeedling with PRP is a great solution to help tighten skin by making small punctures in skin which trigger collagen production. We also use the latest technology so downtime is decreased. Again, you must consult a professional to determine if you are the right candidate for this treatment.

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We all age differently and at different times. As far as skin is concerned, there are genetic, chemical and mechanical causes for the visible changes that we think of as aging. The fact that we know the three main sources related to aging allows us to efficiently treat your skin for your aging concerns.

Before we explore anti-aging treatments any further, I want to bring up an important point, AGING AFFECTS EVERYONE. You are not alone.  There should be no taboos about discussing the problem or the new and advanced, treatments for wrinkles, sagging skin, etc. While confidentiality is paramount in the world of plastic surgery, when openly discussing the topic in the consulting room it becomes obvious that feeling good is closely related to looking good.

When my patients walk out of my office feeling great- and I often receive emails from past patients letting me know how good they feel and look- I know I have done my job well. To those of you just thinking of the topic here are my words of wisdom, stop watching your youth slip away as you pull at your skin and wish things were different. I promise, I’m not trying to sell you the fountain of youth, because that is simply not possible. But, I want to help you help yourself and share with you what I know about aging.

Now, let’s get to it. The first step is to look at yourself in the mirror to identify your concerns. Whether it is squint lines by your eyes or faint horizontal lines across your forehead, the sooner you identify your areas of concern, the earlier you can start preventing the inevitable. While seeking professional help for anti-aging treatment is very important, it is also important that your personal problem areas are clear to both you and the doctor. The goal is to see the results YOU are looking to see, not what someone else is looking to see.

I will leave you with one more thought, in this day and age we are living longer, creating far more memories than anyone probably conceived. Additionally, we have this little thing called social media, where we are documenting our ENTIRE lives. Whether you are entering the Youth Corridor, or in the midst of it, I want you to look back at your Instagram feed and remember each moment as a good one, from the way you felt emotionally to the way you felt in your skin. I often hear people comment on themselves in old pictures, saying, “That was a great day, but look at the way my eyes are drooping,” or “I look so old.” Worst of all is what some people call iPad face. That face looking up from under your chin exaggerating every flaw. You don’t look that bad…no one looks that bad, but it reminds us of the task at hand.  

Let’s work together to try and fix what needs fixing, so you can look your happy, youthful best.

Woman taking care of her skin

Welcome to the Youth Corridor Clinic

“What in the world is the Youth Corridor?” The Youth Corridor is that period of adult life when you look your youthful, healthy best. I developed the Youth Corridor philosophy to provide people with an anti-aging program that can be realistic for everyone looking to help themselves maintain their youthful appearance through adult life.

You are probably wondering, how did I develop the Youth Corridor? In my busy career as a New York plastic surgeon I have performed more than fifteen-thousand surgeries, including more than 3,000 facelifts. My patients constantly ask for my help to control their facial aging and it is safe to say, I know your skin inside and out.

I have consumed myself with studying facial aging and devising effective less-invasive surgical procedures as steps to reach an overall goal. In addition to being a plastic surgeon, I am an anti-aging expert and believe using medically-based aesthetic services, the right at-home skincare products and self-help, you can continue to look yourself as you age.

The Youth Corridor Clinic takes a proactive approach to anti-aging, based on my methods and programs with myself and staff acting as your guide to achieving timeless beauty. Everyone ages differently and the solution to helping yourself age gracefully is to follow a customized treatment plan overseen by a professional that combines proper procedures and at-home skincare products. We can do it all at The Clinic and the way you age is our main priority.

In life, it is important to plan ahead for the future and treating your skin is crucial to achieving and maintaining youthful beauty.  My goal is to help you plan for the future.

Don’t waste any more time, the earlier you enter the Youth Corridor the better.

Thank you for including us on your journey.

Gerald Imber, M.D.